you need to write 4 drafts these will be graded as part of the final report

You need to write 4 drafts (these will be graded as part of the Final Report).

How to write the draft

Each draft should be between 150-200 words. Your 4 drafts (600 words) will form the basis of your Body Section of your report.

How will my draft be assessed?

You will get feedback on your drafts as you write them.4 drafts are worth 5% (they will be graded as part of Final Report Submission)

Criteria-Summary of ideas (using own words), Citation, Reporting Verb

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  • Presentation

Follow Progress Report Sample on blackboard

Progress Report has 6 Separate Parts

Student Commentary, Report Plan (Outline), APA Reference List for all 6 sources used in the report, 2 different Sources – 2 Summaries and 2 Evaluations.


You need to do a 100 word summary of one of the sources you are using for your Final Report. Follow the method that you used in the Mid Term



Postel, S. (2010, June, 24).Water : Adapting to a New Normal.*International Journal of Environmental and Sustainable **Development . Retrieved from https://www.inderscience*.com/2010/Vol9/water-adap…

. Leave indentation in lines below the Author’s surname

**Put a comma after the Surname and use full stops to separate the rest of the individual parts** (S,I.D.A.P.P)

***underline the Publication


In her article ‘Water: Adapting to a New Normal’, Postel outlines three main reasons why in future water will become a much more concerning issue than the current energy crisis. First, while water is essential for human life, not all countries have equal access to it. This imbalance is due to both natural and man-made causes. Second, unlike renewable energy, water cannot be replaced and current solutions to produce more water take too much time and cost too much. Finally, the negative impact of climate change will most likely result in much more disastrous water-based outcomes, such as flooding and glaciers melting. (102 words)

Source Evaluation

You need to do a 100 word evaluation of one of the sources you are using for your Final Report. Follow the method that you used in the Mid Term for evaluating the Article and the Author.

It is understood that your ‘mapping to your report plan/outline’ may include less words than in the Mid Term. You may only need this source for one or two sections or your report. However you must still follow the method used in the Mid Term.


This article is quite useful for the report, although not ideal. Information in the first paragraph can be used in Part I A and C. The second paragraph can be used for Part II B and II E respectively, while the third paragraph could be useful for III B 2. The article is relatively old and some of the data may not be up-to-date. It is published in a highly ranked journal and the language is for an educated reader with an interest in environmental issues. The author is an expert in her field and has many academic publications. However, she may be biased as she has been a member of the Green Party for the last 27 years. (119 words)

Grading 15%

Student Commentary 1%

Report Outline 2%

APA Reference List of all your sources 2%

Source 1

Summary 2.5%

Evaluation 2.5%

Source 2

Summary 2.5%

Evaluation 2.5%

Source Summary and Evaluation Graded the same way as Mid Term

How to Choose your Sources (Reading Texts)

Try to choose sources that are no more than 1 or 2 pages, otherwise you may face difficulty in summarizing your information. Remember that a good summary includes an overview sentence at the start, so it would not be suitable to use longer sources. Try to use sources that you understand fully, then it will be easier for you to do your summary of the Main Ideas contained in the text you are using.

Make sure you choose a source that has either Introduction, Body, Conclusion (Opinion-Text type) or Introduction/Body (Fact-Text type).

It is not possible to do a summary of only part of a source or from selected pages. Choose a source that is similar to the MTE, a Reading of 400-500 words which you can fit into models of ‘summary’ taught during the course.

You may need to use google search to get more information about the author if it is from a website and not an academic article.

If you need help choosing your sources for the Progress Report, I am available to help you in the Office Hours.

The presentation should be 6 slides and talk for 6 minutes ( please include notes on what I should say ).