writing personal reflection about some reading

writing personal reflection about some readings from the book “patterns for college writing 14th edition” (i will attach the book)

write 5-6 sentences personal reflection about each of the readings listed below:

Junot Diaz, The Money, pp. 203 – 206

Martin Gansberg, Thirty-Eight Who Saw Murder Did not Call the Police, pp. 220 – 224

George Orwell, Shooting an Elephant, PP. 227 – 234

Maia Szalavitz, Ten Ways We Get the Odds Wrong, pp. 379 – 385

Stanley Fish, Getting Coffee Is Hard to Do, pp. 427 – 429

Arthur Miller, Get It Right: Privatize Executions, pp. 438 – 441

Juan Williams, Songs of the Summer of 1963… and Today, pp. 578 – 581

Amy Wilentz, A Zombie Is a Slave Forever, pp. 713 – 716

please write the title of the reading then the reflection under it. 5 or 6 sentences are enough for each one.

thank you so much