write an interpretive essay about the relationship between media and environment

For the mediascapes assignment, you will be using the architecture collection. You are to write an interpretive essay about the relationship between media and environment. The paper should be short (~2000 words) and grounded in examples of media collected on Google Slides by the class.

Look through the slides created by your classmates and organize them using common terms, themes, or tropes. Try developing a set of categories for making sense of the variations. In other words, find a way to succinctly express what has been collected across the scope of student contributions. Your essay need not address all the artifacts in the collection, but it should address at least ten (10). Make sure to explain how and why you choose your examples; don’t arbitrarily pick ten to work with.

Then, use your “reading” of those artifacts to make and defend a strong claim of your own that extends or refutes an argument from one of the primary texts that you have been assigned this term.

In addition, your paper should be supported by two other scholarly references that were not introduced in class. These should be references that you find on your own.

As you write your paper, use representative examples to illustrate your points, rather than simply summarizing the evidence. Make sure you discuss the expressive qualities of the media forms you are investigating (architecture), not just the content. Please include images, direct quotes, and links to video where appropriate. Moreover, try to acknowledge and make a place for outliers, rather than discarding them outright.