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Andy? It’s Andrea

People grows up everyday since we are connecting with the world in numerous situation. For instance, it could be a new technology, it could be a new idea learning from others, it could also be an unforgettable experience and life journey that lead us to become more mature, and unconsciously transforms us to the personality or identity by growing up. In the story Doe Season, the main character Andy, who is a nine-year-old girl, also went through the process of autognosis, also called self-recognition, and finally discovered and understood her own identity, by transforming from her childhood to adulthood ( womanhood) after the trip to the forest for hunting.

As mentioned above, the story Doe Season, by David Kaplan(1987) was set up in the forest somewhere in the Pennsylvania countryside. The main character Andy, her father, her father’s friend Charlie Spoon and Charlie’s eleven-year-old son Mac went on a trip of hunting the Doe. At first Andy was excited about the activity of hunting, which is usually took place by males. During the trip, Andy felt nervous and uneasy whenever she was around Charlies Spoon and the slightly older boy Mac since they always queried and made joke on her because of her age, female gender, and even the name “ Andy” , for that “ Andy” is normally a boy’s name. After Andy shot one doe and killed her with her own hands, she finally realized the fact that she had the inherent defensive mechanisms against killing animals as a female, and she also regard herself as her mother who was supposed to stay home and make the breakfast instead of hunting in the forest with only males around.

At the beginning of the story, Andy was treated like a boy with male gender by her parents and herself. when they were ready to drive to the forest, rather than complaining to her father for taking this nine-year-old girl to the trip full of danger and unknown,her mother just merely asked them to be aware of their safety. More than that, while Charlie queried , “ I don’t understand why she’s coming, and how old is she anyway-eight?”, Andy’s father responded that, “ she can walk me to death. And she’ll bring good luck, you’ll see. Animals- I don’t know how she does it, by they came right up to her.” which reflect on the positive attitude from Andy’s father toward the fact that Andy was going hunting with them just like the boy Mac. When they arrived the woods, Kaplan leerily described Andy’s inner activity, “ where even now her mother was probably rising again to wash their breakfast dishes and make herself a fresh pot of coffee. She is there, and we are here: the thought satisfied Andy.” Andy’s mother was a significant figure who represent the traditional female with approval from the public and was occupied by Kaplan to contrast with Andy. At this point, Andy has no concept of being a woman or discovering her real identity.

Charlie Spoon and Mac are two characters who symbolize the initiation for Andy since they incessant Andy’s innocence about her own gender and unconsciousness of her self-identity. Andy hopes to be recognized and accepted by Charlie and Mac since they started to question from the beginning of the trip , while at the same time, she also wishes to stay away from either Charlie or Mac because she felt ashamed and scared whenever they got to the point related to gender, or the men’s organ, which young girls like Andy had never seen. In other words, Andy was in confusion about her own identity. For example, when Andy and Mac slept in the same camp at night, Mac said to Andy, “ ‘you ever see it?’ , ‘It? What’s ‘it?’’ ‘ It. A Pecker.’ ‘Sure,’She lied. ‘Whose? Your father’s?’ She was uncomfortable. ‘No,’ She said.” This is the first time that Andy felt embarrassed because of the element “ pecker” which is the organ that only male have. She felt the difference between male and female at this point. The inborn womanhood has influenced on her when the sensitive element like men’s pecker was mentioned in front of her. What’s more, at the second night of their camp, Charlie unconsciously pushed Andy to make a self-recognition by questioning her about her gender. Andy, at this point,started to struggle with herself for that since she recognized herself as a female but at the same time she followed her father for everything like hunting and fishing. She was also perplexed about her name whether it should be Andrea instead of Andy.

The ocean in Andy’s memory was another symbolism of her fear of confusion to her own gender and self-identity. As Kaplan mentioned, “ when her mother tried to stand up , the surf receding behind, Andy saw that her mother’s swimsuit top had come off, so that her breasts swayed free, her nipples like two dark eye. Embarrassed.” , Andy was afraid and scared to see her mother’s breast, which are the female’s unique identity and distinction compared to males. It is also because she was too innocent to see this image since she has no idea of recognizing herself. On the other hand, the dark, deep ocean symbolized her fearness of her own identity as a female like her mother.

By contrast, Doe symbolized the innocence remained in her childhood, which is beautiful but has to be faded away in the path of growing up to a female and self-identity. It was the most essential turning point of Andy when she was called by her father to shoot the doe she found and made that shot to the doe’s heart. “ What have I done? Andy thought” After made the shot, Andy started to question herself if she should shoot the doe since she knew the other three males including her father , would shoot the doe without any hesitation if they were the person to shoot. It was the first time she felt hunting was not the correct activity for her, as a girl supposed to participate in. In fact, the wounded doe is also a symbolism of Andy herself who is struggling between the innocent childhood and the inborn womanhood that she had realized at this point. “ Its body, like everything around her, was silvered with frost and moonlight. It walked past the tent where her father and Charlie Spoon were sleeping and stopped no more than six feet from her. Andy saw that she had shot it, yes, Had shot it cleanly, just where she thought she had, the wound a jagged, bloody hole in the doe’s chest.” Kaplan wrote the detail of the doe in Andy’s dream or imagery on purpose to reflect on Andy’s pain inside her mind just like the wounded doe has.

At last, when the other three were sliced the dead body of the doe, Andy finally accepted the fact that she was a female like her mother with inborn womanhood, and the mercy to animals. either Charlie, Mac or the inevitable sea symbolized the elements formed up her identity as a women. Kaplan drew the theme by numerous symbolism, characterization, environmental and psychological description which has been referred to above, and indicates that we all grows up to understand and discover the nature of ourselves’ identity by our life journey.