write an essay after listening to the powerpoint presentation and reading the book 1

Your responses need:

  • Please indicate which question you are answering.
  • This essay must be 6-8 paragraphs (a paragraph is 3-5 complete sentences, not fragments, not bullet points). 1 paragraph of introduction, 4-6 paragraphs for the body, 1 paragraph of conclusion.
  • Each essay must include a thesis statement. You need to make an actual argument that needs to be supported with facts.
  • Each essay needs to rely on evidence found in classroom lectures, our textbook, and the OER textbook. YOU MAY NOT use outside sources, like the internet.
  • You must use a primary and secondary source. Lectures do not count.
  • You must cite where you got each piece of evidence [For Example: “Hitler annexed Austria in 1938” (Created Equal) or “African Americans were often forced to take bogus literacy tests before they were outlawed in 1965 (“Voting Literacy Test 1965” in Created Equal) or “The Union Stockyards are an example of Gilded Age industrialism” (Gilded Age Lecture)]
  • Put a works cited page.
  • Use MLA Style citations

Follow the question prompts carefully. If a question asks you to give four specific examples, give four examples. If the question asks you to discuss the cause and effects, please discuss both.

The number one thing that students do wrong in these essays is over-generalize. Be very clear and very explicit. Do not tell me, for example, that the lives of women changed in the 20th century because “they got more freedoms.” That will not receive a passing grade. Instead, you should talk about things like the 19th amendment or the specific things feminism did for women.

Successfully utilize both source types: primary, secondary, no websites.(Images, Quote said by people of that time) Use sources to support their argument. Evidence should be relative, meaning not redundant, and must have no over use of quotations and should not quote simple ideas/arguments that can be reworded

I have attached a document that will help you understand primary and secondary sources better.(Primary vs Secondary Source.docx)


Explain the causes and effects, successes and failures, of any of the US Civil Rights Movements (African American, Feminism, Latino/a, American Indian, LGBTQ, Disability Rights). Provide me with at least 4 key events of the Movement, the events that led up to those key events, and where the Movement succeeded and failed. Be specific in your response using evidence from your textbook, primary source readings, lectures, videos to support your argument.

Book: its in redshelf.com (username: sudipkoiralak20@gmail.com, password: Supshzz60), Page no. 157-160, Use document 1 and 3 from page pages 160-161, 164-165.

Presentation link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kY3lc1JgPmw



You need to use this powerpoint presentation and book as your only source and cite it accordingly as in the sample essay file named as essay2.docx