write a program to play othello game by java or visual basic

You are asked to write an intelligent agent (a program that uses an evaluation function) to play the game Othello (or select a game to be approved). The rules of the game is found in



Your program should implement the minimax procedure and the alpha-beta pruning algorithm explained in your textbook. Acceptable collaboration with others, provided it is acknowledged explicitly in your report and code, might include: 1. discussing some aspect of the assignment specifications in attempting to understand a particular point 2. discussing high-level features of your heuristic 3. discussing a problem you encountered while implementing the alpha-beta pruning algorithm as described in the course text.

Re-using any code from a third party (e.g., open source) is acceptable, provided that you indicate this explicitly at the start of your report and (as comments) in the source code. In this case, only the portion of work that you did individually will be considered toward your grade.