write a 7 pages essay by using the book


  1. explain Confucian moral theory a practice explain the five constant virtues and the concept of ren
  2. explain the characteristics of modernity and apply them to Confucian East Asia

write 7 pages to explain the topic from the book

1. Write a minimum of seven full, double-spaced, one-sided pages; you may write more than seven pages if you wish

a. Page total does not include cover and sources pages, nor does it include illustrative tables, charts and images

  1. Set your margins at 1” and your font as Times new roman (no larger than 12 point)
  2. Include appropriate citations for your sources (if any); citations should follow MLA style
  3. Write this paper like you would write a business document, polished, error-freeand in a well-organized, clear style

use this website to organize the answer, don’t use any concept from it, use the book(intro confucianism) to write, use the website to organize it.