write 1 page answering 3 discussion board questions using your opinions about community policing more info

Answer each question 150 words NO FORMAT NEEDED.

1. Slumlords

Assume you are the Chief of Police in a large city. You have received several complaints regarding dilapidated homes in the city. These homes appear to be run by a slumlord(s). You must present this issue at the city council meeting for action.

Discuss the steps you would take to resolve this problem. What consequences do you foresee? What will you do?


Systems theory offers a foundation from which white-collar crime can be addressed. The theory does not explain “why” white collar crime exists, but attempts to explain the interconnections among various societal systems and the way that various systems influence white- collar wrongdoing.

Do you agree this theory can explain all white collar crime through interconnections? Why or why not?

3. Never would have guessed

Garrett Speaks went undercover in an attempt to gather intelligence regarding nursing home violations/criminal activity.

You discover the Garrett is an undercover investigator and not an employee.

Are there legal, moral, and ethical issues? Why or why not?