world literature in the arab literary world

A close analysis of the two main texts, EPIC: Dante’s Inferno and DRAMA: Sulayman Al Bassam’s Al Hamlet Summit. I have already written the introduction with a thesis and I have an outline where I have around 1000 words. I need help with the remainder of my essay. I have an outline and I have some quotes. I would like a paragraph that grapples with what a world literature syllabus that is not problematic should look like.

I attached the assignment sheet, the secondary source for the Epic, Edward Said’s first chapter of his book Orientalism.

If needed for the first part of the outline, I could provide quotes from Allan’s book.

This should be a brief example mentioned, not closely looked at:

This is a secondary source for the Drama: Al Bassam’s “Shakespeare, Global Debris, and International Political Theatre”