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Jennifer Herriot is the Assistant Director of Community Health with 20 year experience with working in the Public Health field in the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District.(Metropolitan Health District 2019) She provides direction and great management to her peers on all organizations including, maternal child health case management (Healthy Start), Oral Health Services, the WIC program, the WIC Lactation Center which supports breastfeeding moms and much more. She is inspiring not only because of her amazing guidance but because she is a woman in a leadership position in a male dominated field.

My local health department has great structure and organization led by Jennifer. A program that the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District provides is the teen pregnancy prevention program. (Metropolitan Health District 2019)It is a program that provides help counseling, and provide options for teens going through pregnancy. It also provides sexual education courses to inform teams on what precautions to take in the future. This is a great service because teen pregnancy has risen over the years and there needs to be programs that help these young girls and boys. Not only offer support but provide guidance to the young parents and options to provide them.

The State of Texas has many different state health programs due to the state being so large. I decided to focus on the program for infectious disease prevention. This a program that is all over the state of Texas and provides information as well as research on how to stop the spread of them.(Texas health and human services, 2019) There are clinics opened with free vaccinations, events held to educate on how to stay healthy. This Public Health service is extremely helpful due to new infections being discovered daily so it is crucial to inform the public on how to prepare.

The similarities between both programs they are both very helpful to the community. Both provide services that not only inform the community but also provide assistance. The difference I would say besides the funding, that there is more into the entire state rather than a specific local program, would be how easy it is to be involved. The process to join your local programs is not only easier but a quicker action. The entire States programs are more structured and organized due to more “important” people involved like the governor etc., meaning more eyes on these programs to be perfect rather than the smaller local programs. Nonetheless as long as you are involved with helping the public with the ongoing health issues you are a part of the change that the world needs.

Texas health and human services, Texas department of state and purposes

2019, Retrieved from https://dshs.texas.gov/

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