winning in the work place 1

This course will probably be a bit different from the other courses you are taking. Typically, high school courses cover subject areas—math, science, language, social studies, etc. All of the subjects you study are important, and they will help prepare you for a career. Winning in the Workplace takes that idea a step further and discusses what you will actually encounter when you get out in the “real world” and FIND a career.

This course will provide an overview of the entire employment experience from start to finish—from beginning the search for a job through retirement! This sounds like a lot, but the course is set up in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format. You will begin by evaluating yourself and getting some ideas about what kinds of jobs you might like. You will then learn about ways to find jobs, as well as how to apply effectively. The course will explain the issues, situations, and concerns that new workers face. It will also discuss ways to manage the money that you earn as an employee, and, finally, you will learn about ways to begin planning for retirement. (Of course retirement is a long way off, but keep in mind that the earlier you begin planning, the sooner you will be able to retire, and the more you will be able to enjoy it.)

The overall purpose of Winning in the Workplace is to show you what it is like to have a job. The idea of starting a new position may make you a bit nervous. After all, there are many steps you must go through—applying, going to an interview, meeting new people from different age groups and backgrounds, and learning new tasks. As you study these experiences, you should realize that you can handle all of them. The activities in this course should help you build confidence so that when you are ready to start a job, you will know that you have what it takes to succeed.