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The disorder chosen is Aneroxia Nervosa

Hello students, for chapter 14, I would like you to choose any disorder you like from Chapter 14 (or one that’s not in the chapter if you really want too but clear it with me first please) and write a short but dense ‘wiki’ page on your disorder. Once you have chosen a disorder, I would like you to claim it, meaning you need to write your name and the disorder you are choosing at the top of this page

-An overview of the disorder
-How many people affected (national, global, whatever you can find in terms of
-What is thought to be the cause/contributor (genetic, stress induced, biological,
trauma, etc.)
-What is the outlook/prognosis (cure, treatment for life, etc.)
-What are the treatment options (therapy, meds, alternative, etc.)

The length of your post doesn’t concern me as much as the content so focus on meaning not length but also don’t just list answers to the above prompts. It should more like an essay/paper than a list of questions and answers. If you use anything other than the book for information, make sure you include a reference (by pasting the link to the info or referencing a book or whatever you are using).