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Nutrition for Sports Performance

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Title: Whole Foods Effect on Athletic Performance

Use Broccoli and these 2 articles



Read the following article that appeared in the Medical Daily.

Article for General Public


We are seeing many of these types of articles in the media for the general public. Whole foods have health properties.

Here is the original peer-reviewed research article: Original Research Article


For this forum discussion, find a peer-reviewed research article that associates a whole food, like avocados, with athletic performance.

You can pick any whole food, but you will have the most success if you choose a plant-based food.

Once you have selected your food, search for that food in PubMed.

Attached is an article found when searched “blueberry exercise.” You may want to focus on exercise since this is a sports nutrition class but you do not have to. It will depend on the food you have selected. You may have to choose several different foods until you find one that has articles showing it has health benefits. If you pick a plant product, such as a vegetable or fruit, you should find an article reasonably quickly.

Do not pick a product someone else has selected.

Do not select blueberries.

In your forum discussion, you will need to discuss the article you selected. Don’t forget to include some background information. Here are some suggestions? Tell us:

  • the food you picked
  • the effect it has on health,
  • summarize the research paper you found,
  • evaluate the study