white collar occupational crime essay

read the article attached in the folder

For this essay, you will need to begin by summarizing Friedrichs’ purpose for writing this article. Begin by noting that he seeks to provide a more accurate and useful set of definitions for acts of “occupational deviance”. YOU DO NOT NEED TO AND SHOULD NOT GET BOGGED DOWN WITH AN EXPLANATION OF HOW HIS DEFINITIONS DIFFER FROM PREVIOUS DEFINITIONS AND WHY HIS ARE BETTER. JUST SUMMARIZE HIS DEFINITIONS.

  • Then discuss which criminological theory(ies) he uses to explain “white collar” crime. Assess the effectiveness of his choice of theory and whether or not you agree with those choices. For this part you will need to explain and summarize the theories- who wrote them- and be sure to cite everything properly! APA CITATION IN ALL OF YOUR WRITTEN WORK
  • Discuss the implications of the financial harm caused by “white collar crime”- which is far greater than the harm caused by traditionally defined “street crimes”. Do you think that “occupational crime” is:
  1. Punished adequately
  2. Punished too leniently
  3. Punishment under the law is about right

Finally, revisit the definitions Friedrichs provides. Summarize your own reaction to the piece. Do you think he did a good job? Does his use of theory explain white collar crime effectively? If not- which theory would you use, and why?