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What medical cure or device would you like to see in your lifetime.
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please keep in mind there are certain requirements in this essay. It must be five to seven paragraphs. The first paragraph, the introduction, should have the thesis statement as the last sentence. Be sure to state the three things you will be covering in your essay. For example, if your topic was about your favorite vacation and you decided it was that time at Disney World, by combining your topic that you chose and your answer, you will be able to compose a good thesis statement. Then decide on the three things you wish to cover. Perhaps it will be the rides, the shows, and the shopping. Be sure you state this in the first paragraph. Your three body paragraphs will follow. Don’t forget to start each body paragraph with a topic sentence. Be sure to cover your three things, rides, shows, and shopping, in chronological order as you put them in the first paragraph. So your first body paragraph might begin with- The rides were unbelievable at Disney World. That is your topic sentence; it was the first thing listed in your intro paragraph, so now you are writing about the rides. The following body paragraphs will cover the shows and shopping. Your final paragraph, the conclusion paragraph, wraps it up. Do not forget this paragraph. If you follow these simple steps in composing your thoughts in order to write your essay you will be fine. Remember, your essay will be on the assigned topic and answer it so that is your thesis statement; think of three things you want to discuss about this topic and state these in the intro; the three things you wish to discuss are your three body paragraphs so be sure to start each with a topic sentence and put in chronological order as you stated in the intro paragraph; and do not forget your final concluding paragraph. This will cover your five paragraphs. I do not require your MLA heading for this paper. Simply type your name in the upper left corner. However, when typing your essay be sure to double space between paragraphs or have some mark to show distinct paragraph separation, use TNR font 12. This correct formatting is still required. Be sure to watch out for fragments, run ons, verb tense changes, and pronoun agreement or usage, and spelling or grammatical errors. A thesis statement at the last sentence of first paragraph and a topic sentence in the first paragraph is a must, deadline is 1 hour please try to make it within that if possible early. Has to be simple and follow all the above rules.