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What is the structure of the oceanic crust and how was it determined?
please Note: Oceanic Crust and not continental crust
For the this essay mainly talk about the structure which is the ophiolite stratigraphy, state how its confirmed, or proven or not
For how it was determined, include 1) using seismic refraction surveys 2) study of ophiolite, and some deep sea drilling. Include the years of discovery for each and how which each method it was more investigated, Please include 3 diagrams: one of Ophiolite pseudostratigraphy compared to the velocity structure, another of the seismic rays beneath the earth and how it relates to the oceanic structure, and a last 3rd of developing of oceanic crust through mid ocean ridges. Please explain the diagrams, and the formation of the oceanic crust through mid oceanic ridges and include citations
please use journals and accessible book sources online. (please include if possible, Portrait of a Planet by Stephen Marshak as it will also be very helpful)
Structure of essay:
Introduction of oceanic crust, what it is? when was it determined? mostly? are we sure?
For body, explain the structure of the oceanic crust: ophiolite layers, (extrusive rocks, layered gabbro, etc) then divide essay into 3 other categories of how it was determined.
write a paragraph or two of each method: seismic refraction surveys, study of ophiolite, and deep sea drilling.
Include a Conclusion, on what we mainly know now of the oceanic crust structure, and if we will ever understand it better in the future with more advanced technology