what is the macroeconomic state of buffalo wild wings

The assignments is a 3-5 page research paper in Economics about the company Buffalo Wild Wings.

Provide an overview of the selected company (history,financial status, ect). The company is Buffalo Wild Wings.

1. Define basic nationwide macroeconomic indicators and find time series data for the last 10 to 15 years. Define and find time series data for firm level indicators. Compare and contrast the nationwide indicators with firm level indicators.

2. Explain whether current economic conditions are more consistent with the Keynesian or classical economic theories. Summarize the impact of the macro-environment.

3. Analyze the relationship among inflation, unemployment, and the business cycle on the selected industry/company.

4. Provide a brief evaluation of the impact of past and current fiscal policies and monetary policies on the economy and on the selected industry/company.

This is a two part assignment and the first part must be addressed with the final paper. The first draft is a one page overview of the following:

1. One- page summary containing a brief industry/company history, and a brief industry/company overview.

2. Also, the paper should define basic nationwide macroeconomic indicators as well as find time series data for the last 10 to 15 years and time series data for firm level indicators. The company is Bufflo Wild Wings.

The finished documents should be two separate documents. First a one page word document in APA style . The second should be a final draft, word document 3-5 pages in APA style.

All bullets must be addressed. Use the internet and scholarly citations to conduct both assignments.