what is the conscience how does quot natural law quot work to inform our conscience 1

  • A research paper involves both the gathering of information and developing a student’s own interpretation of that information. The student must stay focused on his or her chosen topic and rely upon his or her sources for information about that topic. While a student’s own opinions about a topic are an important part of any research process, the student must be able to support his or her conclusions by direct reference to sources.
  • The writing must be clear and logical and as free of spelling and grammatical errors as possible. A student should never submit a paper without rereading and proofing it. It may even be necessary to get someone to assist in this process by having him or her read the paper and check for these mistakes. The student should not fail to run spell-check on his or her writing.
  • This paper requires MLA formatting that includes:
  • The Works-Cited must include no less than four (4) sources. Those sources must be relevant to the topic and meet minimum academic qualifications. The acceptable types of sources include the following:
  • Certain sources do not qualify for Works-Cited. You will penalized if you use them. These are:
  • For every source listed in the Works-Cited a student must have at least one corresponding parenthetical (in-text) reference. This will demonstrate how a student has used the source.
  • Papers should contain 1200-1800 words (4-6 pages), not counting headings and Works Cited section.

a.12-point font

b.doubles spaced sentences

c.title and personal identification

d.a separate Works-Cited page properly formatted

e.specific bibliographical form for print and electronic sources in the Works-Cited

f.a specific form for parenthetical (in-text) citations of the sources listed in the Works-Cited

a.class text

b.print or electronic book

c.electronic peer-reviewed journal article

d.website with an .edu address


b.standard dictionary or encyclopedia (web or paper)

c.any website not .edu

The student should remember that any source listed in your Works-Cited that does not meet the above criteria will not count towards the minimum number of required sources.

The student should remember that any source not accompanied by at least one parenthetical reference (and any parenthetical reference not associated with a source in the Works-Cited) will not count towards the minimum number of required sources.

Grading Rubric for Papers

  • Accurate use of English including careful documentation (including ability to paraphrase and use quotations) and good organizational plan. 40 pts
  • Adequate research. 20 pts
  • Accurate and complete reflection of material read for assignment. 40 pts
  • no plagiarism

Assignment needs to be turned in by12/1/19 @11:59pm