what is karma and how does it relate to suffering

Term papers will use the first four criteria above. “The term paper expands on your bi-weekly assignments. Although it must be is based on your own journal entries including the readings, class notes, and discussions you can add further research as long as your sources are properly cited (in English, APA Style references). Final term papers are expected to be approximately 2000 words. There will be an opportunity in the final class session to due brief presentations of draft term papers that will allow opportunity for feedback and revision before your term paper is marked.”

Read over your assignments and the lecture notes to date and choose a topic that interests you, something you would like to learn more about. Note that you will need to reference the textbook, readings and your own assignments (journal entries) whatever topic you decide to write about. If those references are not in your term paper there will be a significant penalty, so start with the course material first. Then add more research from the textbook, other related books, and articles that you can find on the Internet based on your topic. If you are not using peer-reviewed articles from academic journals, then you will need to find at least two sources that are reliable to support any information you present.