week 5 explore data sources 1

In 3-5 pages,

Create a chart that shows the different data sources that contain the data that could potentially help to solve the organizational problem that you are working on.

Identify the following in the chart:

    • If the data is qualitative or quantitative
    • The source of the data
    • The format of the data (electronic/paper/etc.)
    • Who created or generated the data
    • How to confirm the data’s validity and reliability
    • How to identify the age of the data now or when you receive it
    • How many other individuals will have handled the data by the time it gets to you
    • Determine whether the data has been manipulated at all, and if so, how
    • How the data will help you to solve the problem

Length: 3 – 5 Pages

References: Include a minimum of five scholarly resources.

-The problem that I have been working on is the Starbucks refill policy