week 3 project 4 6 references

  • Explain the influence of faulty intelligence sharing on the 9/11 attack. Compare and contrast law enforcement information sharing before 9/11 and today.
  • Describe and evaluate the value of Joint Terrorism Task Forces. Select one particular JTTF to serve as an example. Describe the individual components of the selected JTTF and provide an example of a successful operation.
  • Aside from JTTFs, identify and describe other examples of multijurisdictional cooperation in matters of homeland security. In what other ways do we see federal, state, local, and private organizations sharing the burdens related to securing the nation?
  • Analyze the threats posed to U.S. security by illegal immigration and the challenges of border protection. Specify the several ways that insecure borders may present a threat to security, keeping in mind that terrorism may only be part of the overall picture.
  • Evaluate the initiatives to combat the threats identified in the previous sections.