week 10 getting more in the marketplace

For this week’s assignment, consider the concept of getting more in the marketplace.

I would like you to write on two situations in which you (or someone you interview) got more in the marketplace.

Requirements for this paper:

  1. One of the examples must deal with ethics.
  2. Describe the facts involved in the situation
  3. Explain the issue at hand (what are you trying to achieve)
  4. Provide details pertaining to the resolution
  5. Did you, or the person you interviewed, get more?
    1. Was anything left on the table?
    2. Based on chapter 10 of Getting More, was the expectation met or exceeded?

Formatting requirements:

  • Use proper citations for all work that is not your own. I do not care if you use APA or MLA, so long as you provide citations.
  • Use 12 point font and double space
  • There is no requirement for a cover page, so long as your name is on your paper
  • Paper length should be 1 page