watching the short video and reading the page number to answer question

Extra Credit #3 & 4 – Developmental Psychology in Entertainment: Have you seen an example of a developmental psychology concept on TV, in a book or movie, YouTube video, or meme? For example, Family Guy illustrates lack of object permanence in infants: (see Berger, p. 167) this little girl explains the amplifying effect of socialization on gender norms: (see Berger, p. 304). For this assignment, write a short description of the scene from the TV show, movie, book, or meme, including an internet link if possible. Then, in the second paragraph, describe the developmental psychology concept that is referenced in the scene, including the page from the textbook on which this concept may be found. 1 page. You may do this assignment twice, with different concepts from developmental psychology in different pieces of entertainment.Total Points: 10 each assignment, 20 total. See calendar for due dates, but I highly recommend you turn it in earlier as you encounter various developmental psychology concepts in your regular consumption of entertainment.

Please do one paragraph for the first video and page 167. Second paragraph for the second video and page 304. So total is 2 paragraphs in one page.

The videos are very short, no more than 2 minutes.

Please don’t plagiarize!