video discussions

Discuss the video, addressing 3-4 of the questions posed below. This Discussion requires a more thorough post of at least 600 words. Posts should be thorough (minimum 600 words), demonstrating that you are integrating material from the textbook and the video. TEXT


Do you feel that all people go through these stages sequentially, without skipping any stage, or is there individual variation?

Close to the end of the film it was stated that few adults will ever actually attain level 6 of morality. Do you believe this to be true? 

What stage of moral development do you feel you are in–or do find that the situation dictates how you react? 

You may have noticed that there were no women involved in the study. Do you think that involving women would have led to different results in this experiment?

Kohlberg’s theory is more “sequential” whereas the Social Learning Theory is “situational.” Which of the two theories (Kohlberg’s Theory vs. Social Learning Theory) do you believe has more “weight” on the moral development of children—or are both equally useful?

  • Do you believe that culture and society has an influence on the stages of development? Do you think some cultures progress through the stages faster than other cultures? Provide an example of how parents play a role in a child’s moral development.
  • Discuss the video, addressing at least two of the bullet points below. Posts should also integrate your understanding of the textbook chapter.
  • Do you agree with the speaker in the video who said that we are “people first and a sex, second”? 
  • Do you believe the typical adjectives (strong and tough vs. fragile and delicate) used to describe each gender has some basis in biology, or are these adjectives simply social/cultural constructions?
  • Do you think that we as a society are moving away from the stereotypes and towards androgyny? Or are traditional gender roles still being culturally reinforced for children?

Do you think it would be beneficial to raise a child with no specific gender roles?