very easy music listening assignment 300 350 words

the listening example you should listen to is : aerodynamic (remix) by Daft Punk.
here is the link of it :

– guidelines are :

Assignment: Choose one of the selected listening examples from Blackboard, and after listening, write a brief reflection essay (approximately 300-500 words) on your experience. You may wish to listen to the piece multiple times as you write to help focus your discussion.

Format: Essays should be in paragraph form with complete sentences. The format should have one-inch margins, use Times New Roman 12-point font, and be double-spaced. Include your name, the assignment title, the course and section number, and the due date right-justified at the top of your essay.

Content: Your essay should briefly describe your listening experience for each of Copeland’s three phases of listening. Questions you might consider at each level could include:

Stage I – Sensuous Plane:

Is listening to this musical example pleasurable? Does the music hold your attention effectively? Does the selected example sound familiar – have you heard it before or does it sound similar to other things you’ve heard? Does it sound drastically different from anything you’ve encountered musically?

Stage II – Expressive Plane:

How does the music make you feel? Do you believe the music is trying to express something in particular? What might it be expressing? Is your reaction to the expressive quality of the music consistent throughout, or does it change as the example progresses?

Stage III – Sheerly Musical Plane

What are you hearing in this example? Does the form feature repetition, contrast, or a combination of both? What do you hear in the melody – contours, direction, smooth/jagged? Describe the texture – thick/thin. Is the rhythm steady or irregular? Describe the harmony and dynamics – major/minor, loud/soft. Try to describe the timbre – what instruments are used, what is the quality of the sound? Apply the terminology learned in class in your description.

Final Thoughts:

At the end, briefly synthesize your thoughts from all three stages of listening. Connect the specific elements of music to the expressive quality of the music. For example, does the minor mode and descending melody make you feel like the music expresses something sad? Take it a step further – how does your reflection on Stages II and III impact your experience at Stage I?


Your reflection should be 3-4 paragraphs in length. The first paragraph should identify the example selected and address Stage I and Stage II. The middle 1-2 paragraphs should address your description of Stage III (more detail is better). The final paragraph should give final thoughts, reflect on the experience, and describe connections between the Stage III and Stages I and II.