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Topic: Ubisoft
Order Description
here are suggestions for the outline of the analysis of the company:
Please follow these instructions
a) define the purpose of the analysis, for example: isolate the factors that contributed to the company financial success (failure) in the last couple of years, last year, etc.
b) assess the factors’ sustainability (how lasting they are ? and the risks for them, describe factors common the economy, industry and specific for the company
c) describe collected data and the sources
d) conduct DuPont analysis
e) analyze the composition of the company assets and liabilities, asset base, capital structure, any associate companies as a source of earnings, extract the company-specific returns (if possible)
f) look at the segments (portion of the company accounting for more than 10% of revenue and distinct in some sense — in product, or geographically, etc). and capital allocation among them
g) look at the company cash flows and their adequacy for the company continued operations and strategies; assess quality of earnings if you can
h) make comparison with other companies in the industry (generally if possible and with the companies of your classmates), conclude and produce some “light” forecasts
Name of the company: UBISOFT (gaming company)
Make the main ratios for the company (Quick, Current and etc.)