u s foreign policy research paper

please write a 10 pages research paper about “Is the U.S foreign policy towards United Kingdom more effective under the Trump administration than the Obama administration?”

**** easy/not very advanced vocabs.

please write it by the following order: (APA)

● Cover page (Your-Name/Paper Title: THE QUESTION/NAME OF PROFESSOR/Your Name/Course Title/CRN Number/Date/Pages must be numbered)

● Abstract (5 sentences)the findings of your research paper. This is not an introduction of your research paper.

● Table of Contents Is As Follows:

● Issue/Question

● Background Info (It must be Text Citation/Author and Year)

● Arguments For (It must be Text Citation/Author and Year)

● Arguments Against (It must be Text Citation /Author and Year)

● Contradictions

● Policy Recommendation (s) (Policy is a set of ideas that address a particular issue

● Personal Opinion

● Bibliography

● *Minimum of 10 references; No Wikipedia