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Project report should cover the following two parts:
Part A: Literature review:
• Choose any of the tools used in TQM implementation such as ISO-9001, MBNQA, EFQM, 6-Sigma, Balanced Scorecard, Kaizen etc.
• Write about the tool, its principles, history & evolvement, implementation process, pros/cons, extent of its use in our region etc.
Part B: Field data (comparative case studies)
• Choose at least two organizations in UAE that have implemented the chosen tool of TQM.
• Prepare interview and data collection protocol (most likely semi-structured interview) around how the process was implemented, the challenges faced and main results.
• Analyze the data and draw conclusions and recommendations
want to talk about ISO and do comparative study about air ambulance in Abu Dhabi police GHQ and Sharjah air ambulance these two organization get ISO90001 in training and ambulance services