Topic: Qualitative –

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Upon completion of this module the student will have
1). Have critiqued a qualitative research report related to his or her previously identified and explored clinical or practice problem.
2). Have reflected on the role of the MSN prepared nurse in promoting evidence based practice.
3). Discuss the role of masters-prepared nurses in promoting evidence-based practice.
4). Compare and contrast research designs used to answer clinical research questions.
5). Identify, appraise and synthesize sources pf evidence for practice implications in context of evidence-based practice.
6). Assigned Readings:
Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing & Healthcare 2nd edition, authors Bernadette Mazurek Melnyk and Ellen Fineout-Overholt Chapter 6 and Health Sciences Literature Review Made Easy, the matrix method. Author Judith Garrard Chapter 6
Using the Critical Appraisal tool for Qualitative studies(will be uploaded), complete a review of a primary qualitative research article you found while searching for evidence on your PICOT question. (Nursing Education Program on the Development of Patient’s End-Of-Life Care Plan Among Nursing Assistants, see uploaded paper).
Submit your completed POSTER on your PICOT question