Topic: Human origins- Neanderthals –

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The following template must be followed in full!
first pick out a central quotation from the article that summarises the article as a whole, copy and paste in full and reference it.
Next summarise the argument of the article in no more than 300-400 words.
Give a counter argument that criticises or challenges the arguments from the author, give ones own point of view and of other respected authors
Anything in ones personal experience that which supports or opposes the argument
What type of data or evidence does the author use for support
identify any influences on the author, do they reference anyone
Similar quotation used by another author to show a connection with others
Finally why does the authors argument matter- what difference does their work make in the field.
The article is: Stringer, C and C, Gamble 1993, in search of the Neanderthals London: Thames and Hudson, pp. 195-219