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Since the Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s (CASA) introduced the requirement for certified aerodromes to implement a safety management system (SMS) a number of new Councillors have been elected to the Dalton City Council (DCC), the owner/operator of Dalton Airport.
You have been concerned that DCC Councillors generally are not showing appropriate awareness of their responsibility for the safe operation of the airport or committing adequate resources to achieve necessary safety outcomes. Your view has been recently reinforced by the annual CASA surveillance of Dalton Airport which noted in the surveillance report that there was little evidence of DCC’s commitment to its responsibilities outlined in the airport SMS document – a situation that needed to be corrected.
As a result you determine that Councillors require a briefing on the airport’s SMS – the concept, what it is designed to achieve and the part council is expected to play in its successful implementation. You obtain permission to make a presentation to Council at their next meeting.
Choose a format for this assignment which appropriate to its purpose and target audience. If the format you choose is a PowerPoint presentation you must submit your speaking notes as well as the slideshow.
This briefing for DCC is Assignment .