tjx companies inc stocks analysis 2

TJX Companies inc stocks analysis.

Analysis of stock prices throughout the year with an emphasis on events triggering significant changes in stock value.

Write a paper 400 words about the company stocks and make a bullet points in 3 slides about it.

The major events to include in paper are:

a.28 May 2019:

TJ Maxx announced a tough quarter and posted lower than expected earnings and revenue based on the daily price change of the company.

b. 1st August 2019:

U.S. stocks dropped after president trump wrote on twitter that the administration would be imposing 10% tariffs on Chinese imports. If we see the previous day was -0.76 and on Friday decreases more about -3.6 percent.

c. 17 Oct 2019:

tjx stocks close at high price o 60.49$ find why


Easy level of writing and English

write from perspective of international student