threats to the global environment 9

  • The United Nations is asking that you to develop a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the four most critical threats to the global environment. They are listed in the table below.

Energy Source Civil War

Globalization Poor health of entire population

Lack of educational opportunities Cultural taboos

Inappropriate use of technology Climate Change

Step I. Narrow the List from Eight to the Four Most Critical Threats

Choose the four (4) threats that you see as the most critical by considering which pose the greatest or most immediate risk to us.

Step II. **Create the PowerPoint Presentation**

The completed version of this presentation will include a minimum of 19 slides.

A Title Slide: Include your name, course title, current date, and the name of your instructor

An Introduction Slide: List the four threats you chose, and in the Notes section offer a brief narrative justifying these choices

Body Slides: The slide content is listed in the outline below. For each body slide you develop, please include a paragraph in the Notes section explaining how the details you have provided in the slide are pertinent to the United Nations’ discussion on selecting and prioritizing goals.

For your first threat (this is the threat you consider to be the greatest risk/highest priority)

-One slide on a brief history and assessment of the threat

-One slide on the countries most affected by the threat, and how those countries are affected (please give examples)

-One slide on the effects of this threat on the world population as a whole

-One slide including a chart, graph, or compelling visual that relates to the content you present in body slides a–c

For your second, third and fourth threat (these are the threats you consider to be the second, third and fourth greatest risk/second highest priority), follow the same guidelines as you did for the first threat.

A Conclusion Slide: Summarize your findings for the Assembly.

Reference Slide: Provide a reference slide at the end of the presentation with the full citations of your sources.

Please discuss the threats in order of priority

Please use at least five credible sources to back up your discussion

The body slides should summarize your key takeaways, whereas the Notes section of each body slide should discuss the evidence and the details that support your takeaways. The content in both the Notes and body sections requires citations and sources.