this interview discussion assignment is about finance in higher education i want you to make up this interview

DISCUSSION Interview with a professional

I want you all to interview your supervisors (or someone responsible for budgets). I want you to ask them where their revenues come from, where do they spend their money, how they were trained to do their budgets, and what they wish they had known before having their supervisory positions. Be sure to include some of the most poignant quotes – those are very powerful to read.

This will be open to ALL of you at the same time so you can read each others posts to learn more about how the university functions. Don’t be surprised if they don’t give you REAL numbers, but do what you can. Most of you are newbies, BUT ask and get whatever you can. Remember to think about your readings and synthesize what you learned from your supervisor and your readings. Have fun with this one!!!!!! YOU DO HAVE TO GET THE IRB SIGNED.


This interview discussion assignment is about FINANCE in HIGHER EDUCATION. I want you to make up this interview. We are interviewing someone in a position that he is responsible for budgets in ( Al Jouf University in Saudi Arabia ) his name is dr. najm Alhusaini. I will attach the interview questions to use, and THE IRB to be signed.

NOTE: make sure to have the information correct about where their revenues come from, where do they spend their money? You need to research it online!

Also, we need to reply to two posts of my classmates interviews!

The interview post should be 2 pages and the replies should be half page each ( 200 word each ) so the total is three pages.

The interview should be three parts:

Part one:

Who are you interviewing and the reason you conducted this interview?

Part two:

The interview questions and answers.

Part three:

Your reflections/ feedback about this interview, and how you describe this person management style and what leadership style this person is?