This assignment is the second part of your course project. You will want to make sure that you retain this information for your final project. In this assignment, you need to refer to the five stocks that you chose in for your stock watch Week 02.

use the attched document to create the answer and the word document for the homework




  • Choose three of the stocks from your stock watch. You will want to use the two from the same industry, plus one additional stock.
  • Locate current interest rates on two other investments that are not stocks. Examples may be bank certificates or government bonds. You will now have a total of five investments.
  • In a Word document respond to the following:
  • Which of these five do you think are most highly affected by the level of interest rates in the economy? Why?
  • Please rank them in order of the most risky as a 5 and the least risky investment as a 1. Explain why you ranked them that way.
  • What types of risk do you think affects each of these investments?