thesis paper 1

see the attached files and choose 2 singers were born from every generation listed, each generation choose one women and one men so total is 10 singers ( 5 men singers and 5 women singers).

first generation: 1800-1910 second generation: 1910-1935 third: 1935-1960 fourth: 1960-1985 fifth: 1985-2010.

remember each generation one women and one men you can’t put two men in one generation or two women in one generation.

After you pick them write a small theses for every generation about why did you choose these two singers and write a general information about them like ( date of birth – place of birth- known As) make it brief.

Also put pictures for the singers.

every source you use to get information about the singers you have to put it at the end for example use primary source and secondary source, and put them all.

make every thesis brief.