theme topic 1

Choose a literary theme. This will be broader than the specific themes we have been identifying in our poetry analysis essays. It will be helpful to frame your theme this way: the ______ of ______. Just a few examples: the importance of community; the consequences of greed; the inevitability of change; the value of perseverance…

Analyze the theme’s common traits and messages. Using two works from our syllabus and two works that you choose, compare/contrast how the individual authors used the theme.

Required Sources (Works)

TWO literary works. Must appear on the syllabus for this course. (I choose:) (Macbeth) (The cask of Amontillado) or (the hunters in the snow)

TWO free-choice works. May be from any category: song, poem, movie, TV show, book, short story, play/Broadway musical, etc. (you may choose whatever you want that works for the theme, but please let me know before writing about it) what movies you picked.