the researched argument essay on immigration

The Researched Argument Essay


This assignment will ask you to present an argument about a specific subject of your choice (see topic list) and to support that argument with both your own opinions and outside sources. Because this is your final essay, do your best to showcase everything you’ve learned about writing a successful essay!

Steps to Follow

  • Choose a topic & take a side on that topic (your topic should be debatable!)
  • Come up with reasons why you believe your side of the issue is correct
  • Support your reasons with your own arguments AND outside sources found through research
  • Include at least 1-2 refutations (acknowledge and argue against the “other side” of your issue)

Incorporating Outside Sources

  • Include at least 3 outside sources
  • At least 1 of your outside sources should be a book; the rest may be articles, websites, etc.
  • Directly quote and/or paraphrase from your sources
  • Properly introduce and explain the relevance of your quotes and paraphrases
  • Use MLA in-text citations consistently and correctly
  • Include a properly formatted Works Cited page at the end of your essay

Formatting & Style Requirements

  • Your essay should be at least 5 full pages in length
  • Use Times New Roman font, 12 point size, with 1” margins all around
  • Use formal language (third person, no contractions, etc.)
  • Double-space throughout; no extra spacing between paragraphs
  • Include a header on the first page (Name, date, class, my name); number all subsequent pages
  • Include an original title (not just “Research Paper”)
  • Include an introduction with a thesis statement; your thesis should make a statement, not ask a question! Your thesis should also outline all major points the essay plans to discuss.
  • Present well-organized body paragraphs, each discussing a point from the thesis
  • Transition smoothly between ideas (topic sentences and concluding sentences)
  • Include a conclusion that summarizes the argument and comments on the issue’s significance

Submitting the Essay