the question and the expectations are listed in the requirements section

considering that you are an external consultant who has come to your department to make some observations concerning your organization’s culture.

Because culture is strengthened through repeated interactions, your task is to map the interactions of your colleagues during each of three key moments during the week of your choosing.

Your deliverable will be a PowerPoint slide deck that includes: an introduction slide outlining the task at hand, 3 maps – one for each observation, and a slide following each map that evidences the strongest and most repetitive interactions and what these interactions mean for the culture of your department. Finally, conclude the slide deck with a quote from one of our management gurus that you feel appropriately sums up the observations that you made during this exercise and explain why you feel that this quote encapsulates or connects with your observations and conclusions this week.

Prepare a 15-20 slide PowerPoint report that frames the core deliverable this week: a visual matrix of the four basic organizational design challenges. The presentation should be designed to quickly present to the C-Suite executives the core challenges that will face them as they develop a new business to meet an emerging market.

Additional elements that should be included in this presentation are:

  1. An Executive Summary
  2. The Visual Matrix and discussion of the 4 basic design challenges
  3. Recommendations
  4. Conclusions
  5. Please use speaker notes to ensure that your presentation slides don’t become cluttered