The Norton Anthology american literature, volume C,D,E. –

The Norton Anthology american literature, volume C,D,E.
Paper details:
In this paper,you should work with two authors, and construct an argument that compares ans or contrast their work. Here are the authors we have read Stephen crane: Maggie the street girl, Willa Cather: my Antonia
Remember in your paper to use quotes from the text to back up your ideas, and then analyze those quotes closely and carefully. you do not need to describe the whole book, story . Instead, you should focus on the key passages or sections that help you to prove your point.
2. one of the scenes we keep encountering this semester is the big, nasty fight between a couple, Crane and Cather all describe, at one point or another, couples who are experiencing some sort of trouble in paradise. It might seem, then, that there isn’t much to say but what i’m interested in is what the authors do to make us sympathize with one or both o neither of the people in fight. Do you feel yourself. as a reader, choosing sides, if so, what the authors do to make that happen? And how is that similar to, or different from, one of the other text/ In your paper, then you should select two of the writers and analyze the difference or similarities in how they manipulate the readers sympathy in a scene where a couple is fighting. who are you rooting for or against and why? this is not only a question of content, but also a question of style-what in the tone,diction,imagery, or development of character causes you to feel a particular way or pick a particular side while you are reading the squabbles.
Also remember to include quotes from those stories.