the gray area between victim and offender –

the gray area between victim and offender
“The Gray Area Between Victim and Offender”
In essay form, discuss the gray area between victim and offender. What does this mean? Within the essay, be sure to do the following:
Define, describe and explain the following terms:
Victim, Victimism, Victimology, Victimologist
Primary Victim and Secondary Victim
Discuss the need and importance of objectivity. Why is it important for a Victimologist (and criminal justice professionals) to remain objective?
Think about those who are offenders in one instance, but then become victims. Is that possible? An example of a movie where this happens is “Crash” – at one point everyone is a victim and most are offenders at one point as well. Another movie is “American History X” – the offenders are often confused with the victims (the gang members become victims of violence themselves). You may also use real life examples (the Gary Plauche case for example from the powerpoint). Sometimes it is difficult to determine just who the offender is and who the victim is.
How should Victimologists react to these victims. Should they be treated differently?
As an off-shoot, how should the police and the public react when hard-core criminals, such as mobsters, drug dealers, and gang members become victim of violence? Think of examples from movies or television shows you have seen where this has happened (the”criminals” become the victims).
Find a case currently in the news (or recently has been) that illustrate the difficulty of identifying which party clearly is the criminal/offender and which is the victim? I am looking for a real life example.
Explain why it is important for victimologists to engage in “Survivorology”. What does that term mean? Is it a better explanation for what Victimologists do?
Needs to be 3 pages doubled spaced