the effects of globalization on u s china trade war

Base on the topic “The Effects of Globalization on U.S.-China Trade War” write a research paper and please follow the requirements below:

  1. This writing assignment is expected to be between 10-12 pages, double-spaced. I expect that your paper, completed in well-organized paragraphs, which convey ideas in a logical, coherent fashion, and must meet the guidelines specified below:
    1. provide a thesis for investigation
    2. discuss and analyze carefully selected aspects of the topic
    3. examine and critique contending perspectives and interpretations
    4. draw your own conclusions, and
    5. discuss the broader significance and relevance of your analysis.

    In addition to the paper’s 10-12-page body, you are required to include footnote references and a list of bibliography consulted

  2. The assignment will be graded on not only the quality of the content (substantive arguments, logical coherence, and relevance to this course) but also the quality of the writing and the paper’s presentation of its main ideas will affect your grade.
  3. Well-organized paragraphs are coherent; make sure paragraphs develop what is in their topic sentences. Write fully-developed paragraphs of four or more sentences. One sentence does not a paragraph make. Grammar and punctuation are important. Papers with comma splices, fused sentences, sentence fragments, misspellings, missing apostrophes, etc., are difficult to read and will be downgraded. The point is for you to improve your communication skills. You should proofread your work carefully; neat corrections on your final manuscript are acceptable but keep them to a minimum.