text for tourism business 2


1. October Holidays 1 – 5
2. The best destinations for a holiday in October
3. October

1. Text Structure Overview

A. Introduction, Heading 2 (not predetermined), 60 words

B. 1-3 lists as there are texts with 1, 2 or 3 lists – 410 words

2. Content

A. Introduction, Title formatted as heading 2.

  • Engaging and in line with the content
  • Why is this text unique?
  • Why is it useful?

B. B. 1-3 Three top lists (formatted) with 3-5 tips each

1-3 intro texts, with the following list with 3-5 destinations/tips each (unless the title says something different like “Top 10”). Each with h3 (check under the lists if a second and third list is necessary).

Choose from the destinations that we have provided + any others that make sense when we have not provided enough to complete the lists. Highlight your research in one brief bullet point per destination.

NOTE: When listing destinations for which there is an ID code (Point 3), please add the ID after the corresponding name in brackets e.g. The Grand Canyon (154776144) – Enjoy a daring … .


  • Section heading, E.g. “Plan your Spring Break Vacation,” “What to Do: Top California National Parks,” “Discover America’s Best 4th of July Destinations”
  • Intro sentences, Brief overview of the section

List 1

  • List title is about “The best destinations for a holiday in October” formatted as h3
  • Numbered list format with 3-5 destinations + short text for each
  • Each destination name should be formatted in bold. After the destination name just a blank space, no “.” or “:” or any other punctuation character (see example below).
  • Example:

1. The Grand Canyon – Enjoy a daring ride down to the Colorado River from the Grand Canyon North Rim, at the bottom enjoy a romantic picnic with the gorgeous cliffs of the canyon towering above you.

Use same structure “Heading 3 – Intro sentences – list” for list 3 and list 4

List 2

  • Same as list 1, but title is about “”

List 3

  • Same as list 1, but title is about “”

3. Destinations to highlight on this page

Destinations to highlight:

Include these destinations in the top lists section (Part B) If there are not enough destinations to complete the top lists, you can include other fitting destinations If there are too many destinations, you don’t need to use all of them 4. Tone/Style Concise, entertaining, easy to read This text should be a comprehensive overview of the topic. Therefore, write captivating descriptions that put the reader at the center of the action. Use active voice Make sure the content has a high level of information. Either address the reader directly as “you” or refer to the vacationer as “visitor, guest etc.” – never tourist. Place names: The English name should be used. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes: What is a vacationer who chooses “[field1]“ looking for? What does “[field1]” stand for? Rest, relaxation, fun, recreation, culture, etc.? Please be specific instead of using clichés. – If we are talking about a romantic weekend or a holiday as a couple or the like, please always use only gender-neutral terms so that everyone* (men, women, heterosexual, gay, bisexual, trans, intersexual, etc.) can identify themselves: so not only e.g. “Can you go out to eat with your boyfriend” or “Can you go out to eat with your girlfriend” but “Can you go out to eat with your partner” or even better “Can you go out to eat romantically”. 5. Formatting

  • Important: See this PDF (print out if possible) for the guidelines for other abbreviations, units, etc.
  • Maintain the specified maximum number of words
  • All titles must be written in AP title case
  • When writing a list, use the serial comma (aka Oxford comma)
  • HomeToGo follows MailChimp’s Grammar and Mechanics Guide, which you can find here.

6. Target Group

  • HomeToGo is a vacation rental search engine that offers expert travel advice to travelers seeking an authentic experience
  • Keep this particular target group in mind when creating content—what would they want to read about?

7. Keywords

  • “[KW1]“ must appear at least 2 times in the text.
  • Further keywords:


8. Blacklist

  • Avoid passive constructions
  • Avoid the word “tourist.” Instead, use: holidaymaker, traveler, guest, visitor, etc.
  • Excessive use of nouns or derived nouns. Instead, use synonyms or other constructions.
  • Excessive use of modal verbs (can, should, ought to, want, must, have to, would like, may).
  • Excessive use of “to be” verbs (is, are, was, were, had, been, has, have, be, been).
  • Do not explicitly urge the reader to book a vacation.
  • Don’t mention specific hotels, etc.

Example text:

Planning Your Ideal Texas Spring Break Vacation

Hot weather, a vibrant party scene, and live music beautifully represent the typical Spring Break in Texas during March. Whether you are planning a spring break vacation with friends or family, there will be a plethora of activities to enjoy in Texas.

Best Beaches in Texas for Spring Break

Nestled along the Gulf of Mexico, Texas boasts some exceptional beaches that are worth checking out during Spring Break. Texas beaches have been the perfect Spring Break vacation spots for college students looking to have a great time for more than half a century. Without a doubt, the following beaches offer guests ample opportunity for fun and sun along the water.

  1. South Padre Island (5460aeb057251) South Padre Island is the ultimate spring break destination for party enthusiasts. Every year, students on break from school and college head to South Padre Island for partying on the beach. The island hosts an annual spring break concert — complete with DJs. Families will also find plenty of things to do here, including dolphin watching, sailing, kiteboarding, and a wide range of excellent dining options.
  2. Port Aransas Also known as Port “A” among vacationers, it often gives South Padre Island a run for its money as a popular Spring Break destination. While Port Aransas’s beaches offer many of the typical Spring Break activities, the nearby Mustang Island is loaded with condos and plenty of white sandy beaches. On the Mustang Island, watersports enthusiasts can enjoy kayaking, while adventure addicts will love hunting for hidden treasure.
  3. Galveston Island Sun yourself on this spectacular Gulf Coast island. Stewart Beach gets packed with visitors during spring break, so if you feel a bit overwhelmed, take a walk through the Seawall Boulevard, or take part in festivals and concerts on East Beach. Relax on sandy beaches, get an adrenaline rush at Schlitterbahn Water Park, or explore the exhibits at Moody Gardens. There is plenty to do and see in this coastal town.