summary of all kinds of quot financial markets and institutions quot news or article

This task is an extra credit for my FIN course (Financial Markets and Institutions.)

The teacher asked us to read news or articles related to the course. The topic includes treasury bills, bonds, mortgage, commercial banks, financial market…… Anything related is OK. The date of the article had better not be too far away. The source of the article can be 《Wall Street Journal》,《The Economist》,《Time》,and so on.

Summaries do not need to be very long, about 250 words each. I need 35 summaries in total. I know time is limited, so at least 30. 👀 The point is not the length or complex vocabulary and language. Just summary in your own words and do not retell the article.

Last but not least, the summaries must be original. I mean, don’t use answers that have already been given to others.

😀 Thank you so much.