subject educational leadership a critical investigation into the relationship between micropolitics of education and headships

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Subject:educational leadership

A critical investigation into the relationship between micropolitics of education and headships

3000 words

What is required?

You are expected to produce a research assignment of 3,000 words. This assignment is based on a critical reading of the literatures.

The assignment is a literature-based report so you will research and write about what has already been published about the topic that you are interested in. You will need to access library services and know how to access journal articles and books, and you may need to plan in advance for books that are very popular.

What do I need to do?

You will need to decide on a topic (see below) and then undertake reading, and develop your response to the topic. So you will need to look at Journal articles, Research Reports and Books in the area that you are working on.

The emphasis is on what is already known about a topic, and how and why it is known. You may wish to focus on the gaps and the lack of knowledge about a topic.

You are expected to undertake a critical review of the literatures. This means that you do not just describe what researchers/writers have said and accept this as fact. It means that you need to have an argument that is clearly articulated and the literatures are used as evidence. What this means is that you examine:

• the approach taken by the author(s) and what claims they make.

• what is investigated and what is not engaged with (look for the gaps and silences)

• ask yourself in whose interests is the research being done, who funds it

• examine the methodology and methods being used

• examine the theories being used.