Structural Design –

Structural Design
Project description
the design of an restrained beam, unrestrained beam and column – please can you use the base your designs, i.e. spans etc. on the worked examples given for each of these elements, see lectures 19, 22 and 24 respectively on moodle, but increase the actions on the floors as follows:
> – self weight of floor slab 4.0 kN/m^2
> – weight of ceiling, floor finishes, services 0.5 kN/m^2
> – imposed floor load 3.0 kN/m^2
> – weight of partitions 1.2 kN/m^2
> You can then design a connection between one of the beams you design to the the column you design using the relevant reactions from the chosen beam, to complete the individual detailed design submission.
> For the communication of design coursework, provide an A3 CAD drawing showing the building floor layout given in the beam and column worked example, updated with your design information, in the style of of the exemplar drawing show on moodle; your drawing is to include your connection design. You are not required to provide a roof layout or elevations on this drawing.