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Guidelines for Behavior Change Project and Paper- Due Week 5
The purpose of this project is to for you to gain personal insight into the challenges involved with healthy behavior change. Project needs to be started on Day 1 in order to meet deadline as indicated on course calendar. Please post your project to the Assignment Box on Springboard.
Begin with a self assessment of your current health. Consult online resources or your book to find a survey, parameters, or measurement of some sort that will provide you with data concerning your health status. Use this evidence to determine an area you feel needs to be addressed. You may use a healthy lifestyle change from the list below. Select one that would be most likely to improve your health.
1. Weight management
2. Fitness
3. Stress Management
If none of the above is applicable, discuss some other area of health behavior that you would like to address with your instructor for approval prior to engaging in the project. Once you have assessed your health needs and determined a focus area, you are ready to begin the project and commit to making a positive change in your health behavior.
All behavior changes will require a daily commitment. Now that you have identified your health needs, you are ready to plan for a behavior change. Look at your textbook and other resources for information on how to promote positive health behavior.
Expectations of the project:
1. Maintain a daily diary of what you did and or did not do and why
2. Compare your reasons for adherence to the Health Promotion Model.
3. Identify barriers, motivating factors, etc.
4. Write a paper that describes and discusses your progress towards your identified area of behavioral change.
Example of a health promotion plan for a behavior change and suggested schedule:
Step 1. Week 1: Assess your level of health by researching a credible web site or use your textbook.
Step 2. Week 2: Identify one area of your life that could benefit from health promoting activity (ex. Weight management, Fitness, Stress Management).
Step 3. Week 3: Write at least one short-term goal (realistic and measurable) and list at least four interventions that you can use to promote your personal health promotion plan.
Step 4. Week 4: Find at least 3- 4 research articles that support your plan.
Step 5. Week 5: Keep a journal for at least 15 days during this time period. *See suggested Journal/Log form on Springboard or feel free to create your own.
Step 6. Write a paper about your health behavior change using concepts from the textbook and your personal experience with the change. Upload paper to ASSIGNMENT BOX by due date.
Guidelines for Behavior Change Paper (continued)
Specific Requirements for the Behavior Change Paper, continued: The purpose of this paper is to record the experience of your behavior change process. Compose at least one paragraph for each of the following items for a total of at least 7 paragraphs. Suggested length is no longer than 10 pages please, including cover sheet and reference list. Paper is worth 25 points.
1. Introduction: State reason for and significance of your focus for change and why addressing this
problem is important to health; support this with citations.
2. Summarize your personal health strengths and weaknesses. Use Pender’s Health Promotion
3. Explain your behavior change plan in detail and include your goal(s) and specific interventions.
4. Evaluate your adherence to the goal(s). What happened, what was the outcome?
5. Identify factors from the Health Promotion model that affected you adherence to the plan.
6. Research how the literature supports your interventions for your plan. In other words, cite
evidence for your decisions.
7. Explain what you learned about behavior change from this project. Discuss your successes and
pitfalls. What helped/hindered your plan?
8. Discuss your plans to maintain the change.
9. Explain how this new insight will improve your ability to help patients identify, begin, and
maintain a health behavior change.
10.Include a complete copy of your daily log, either incorporated in the body of the paper or as
Follow APA (current edition), include a cover sheet and reference list. Submit to ASSIGNMENT box – see Course Calendar
Possible Points Behavior Change Project and Paper Grading Rubric Score
0-2 Introduction – needs to be complete – Describe how you came to decide your focus for this project.
0-3 Uses of Pender’s Model – how does this apply to your project?
0-3 Correct spelling and punctuation. Consistent use of APA citations in body of text including reference list at end of paper.
0-3 Goal(s) – state in measurable and clear behavioral terms.
0-3 Plan – discuss at least four interventions and why you selected them.
0-3 Evaluation of Adherence to Plan- paragraph explaining specific progress toward your stated goals. Use data from your personal log. What were the outcomes?
0-3 Influencing factors- describe factors that helped and/or hindered your plan.
0-3 Evidence of Critical Thinking – describe how your plan measured up to results found in the literature. Cite literature in results. Discuss new insights into your health behavior and how this will affect your patient care in future.
0-2 Summary- Include (with specific examples) what you will do to maintain the change in future.