sped 530 introduction to learners with special needs discussion post why special education

Discussion Topic – Why Special Education?

We are exploring historical perspectives and best practices for supporting diverse exceptional learners and families.

Answer all questions within the prompt with originality, synthesize readings and research, and provide detailed examples with application analysis.

Use these links and the attached files to synthesize and base the answers on:






Discuss the following questions in a minimum of 500 words:

  • Why is special education necessary? How has special education changed throughout the years?
  • What challenges and successes do you see in your schools and workplace for exceptional learners, their families, and educators supporting culturally and linguistically diverse communities inclusively?
  • What changes do you believe need to occur for increased support of exceptional learners and their families?

Explain and provide rationale to support your response. Be sure to respond comprehensively to all questions and support with scholarly research. Cite references in APA, and use in-text citations.