Social work and Human service worker (Homework) –

Social work and Human service worker (Homework)
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In your own words describe the definition of social work values or human services principles.
No quotes, paraphrasing or references
200 words
Discuss how your personal values clash and/or coincide with social work values or human services principles.
500 words
Australian Association of Social Work 2010, Code of Ethics,
Australian Community Workers Association 2014, Code of Ethics,
In your pre placement interview you were identified as requiring some more preparation to get you to placement readiness. You are therefore required to attend 5 sessions to help you with your learning and ensure that you are able to fulfil the requirements of Field Education.
This preparation will include a component of written work that will enable assessment of your placement readiness.
These sessions, and accompanying written work, are compulsory and you will not be allocated to an agency until they are completed.
Choose one or two photographs that represent why you chose to undertake the BSW or BSS
Introduce yourself and explain why you chose your photograph/s
Brainstorm the definition of social work/human services work/welfare work