short answer questions foundation of wellness

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Please answer all 5 questions in a short paragraph form. Cite for lecture slides APA formate

  • What do you see as a major contribution of positive psychology to a wellness model? Do you see any downsides to positive psychology? (Section 7 &8)
  • Why does the research by Keyes constitute a persuasive rationale for a Program for Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness? (section 8)
  • What, if any, advantage do you see in talking about a contextualized market work path(work you do for pay) versus a psychologized career?If you see no advantage, please explain.

I believe that there are advantages to contextualized market work when comparing market work path and a psychologized career. Market place work is the foundation of work experience for many people. The skills and tools are learned the the house hold support the well developed skills and ethics. I find that market work and a psychologized career to be equal important as a mother, care giver and in pursuit of a professional career the skills that I have learned over the years have brought awareness to my strengths and weakness. Learning the principals of responsibilities have give foundation to my quality of work which has translated into my work ethic.

4. Why is important for mental health counselors to take a vocational perspective?(section 9.5)

A vocational perspective is vital for a mental health counselor since it concentrates on the fit between an individual’s abilities and interests and a job’s requirements and rewards. Due to the constance change of the world and the environment the context of work is constantly changing. This has resulted in the skills and education that had once prepared you for you career now require you to advance your knowledge and develop new skills which will provide a greater insight the demand of social needs and wants. Vocational perspective allows for a mental health counselor to be aware of emotional and psychological support.

5. Why is it important to include a social justice perspective in the concept of wellness? Be sure to indicate how you define both social justice and wellness.

By considering the role that the interconnecting relationship amongst the 5th dimensions of wellness the social wellness highlights the important aspects of social justice. It is critical for social justice to be included in the wellness model due to the nature that as a counselor you will be interacting with people of different ages, backgrounds, races and lifestyle. Each of these elements play a valuable role in the individual as a whole by understanding the surface what the factors that can cause conflict in one’s life will begin to give insight to the person as a whole and how they function on a daily base to meet their needs. Social justice all of the outside world factors that one encounters on a daily basis which is why social justice will differ from person to person. The diver world that we live in cases social justice to include religion, race, sexual orientation, social class, age, and culture. This new found discovery of social justice has brought awareness to trauma and cultural competencies which mental health counselor are becoming more aware of and resulted in creating a support system for clients which teaches them how to advocate for the issue they encounter. Wellness is what allows us to maintain our personal well-being through the bad times and the good. Wellness give insight the need to address the individualistic in a holistic approach that addresses strengthens and weaknesses. The eight dimensions of wellness have an interconnection relationship that offer progress towards creating a life of well-being. The positive outcome of wellness can effect ourselves, community, friends and family. Wellness is an ongoing component to happiness, peace and balance of one’s life. Throughout the therapeutic journey the safe space that a counselor will allow a client to understand the importance of social justice and wellness.